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The memorial collects documents, photographs, maps, plans, artifacts, archival files and biographical documents about the history of the Berlin Wall. The collections are currently being developed and constantly growing, particularly through private donations.

Research Archives
The Research Archives makes archival research findings available to the memorial staff. It contains primarily documents copied from national archives that cannot be passed on to a third party. The archives also contain a small collection of biographical and historical documents that the memorial has compiled independently.

Photo Archives
The Digital Photo Archives contain 13,000 photos, mostly documenting the Berlin Wall over a period of more than four decades. Some of these photographs exist in the collection as copies, negatives or slides. A large number of the photos are catalogued in the archive, but the actual rights are held by a third party, in which case the memorial is unable to make them available to the public.

Map Collection
The memorial’s map collection contains approximately 300 maps, including a complete set of topographical maps of Berlin showing the border fortifications from 1981 on a scale of 1:5000. Most of the other maps are copies from national archives and cannot be passed on to a third party.

Objects Collection
The memorial has stored approximately one hundred different kinds of original objects of various origins, all of which bear historical relevance to the Wall and German division. These include objects and remnants of the Reconciliation Church that were removed before its demolition, relics of the border fortifications, equipment and uniforms from the border troops, objects related to contemporary commemoration and objects related to escapes.



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