Prayer Services for the Victims of the Berlin Wall

Prayer services for the victims of the Berlin Wall have been conducted in the Chapel of Reconciliation since August 13, 2005.
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Commemorative Events on August 13

Commemorative events in memory of the day the Berlin Wall was built take place each year on August 13.
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Window of Remembrance

The Window of Remembrance commemorates all the people who were shot or died in an accident at the Wall while trying to escape or as a consequence of the border regime.
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Commemorative Columns Marking Places of Death on Bernauer Strasse

New commemorative columns are being erected at the death places of Wall victims who died on Bernauer Strasse or close to the grounds of the memorial site.
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Commemorative Markers along the Wall Trail

As early as 1961, people began erecting crosses and commemorative signs at sites where people were killed or died while trying to escape.
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Mahnmal für die Todesopfer an der Grenze in Berlin-Treptow

Monument for the people who died at the border in Berlin-Treptow, 2005, photo: H. Kroll